Course reviews

La Trobe University is committed to providing a high-quality learning and teaching environment and ensuring our graduates are work ready, world ready and future ready.   The two types of course reviews conducted internally are an integral part of the rigorous quality assurance systems in place to ensure we are meeting these goals.

Annual Strategic and Load Planning reviews are conducted by the University's Course Portfolio and Scholarships Committee (CPSC), a sub-committee of the Planning and Resources Committee, during the Load Planning process. The focus of these reviews is on the strategic value and financial viability of the program.

Academic Course Reviews are conducted under the oversight of the Academic Board. These reviews are focused on academic merit and standards, ensuring that all La Trobe University courses are meeting the Threshold Standards set by the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency. Courses are reviewed on a five yearly cycle, or more often if triggered by circumstances such as professional accreditation or in response to data trends.

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Staff can access schedules and review outcomes on the Academic Course Reviews Unite site.