Quality assurance at La Trobe

The University's quality assurance framework includes:

  • An independent and well qualified Council ·
  • A Strategic Plan providing strong direction
  • Subsidiary plans in areas of strategic importance setting clear goals and targets
  • Organisational (Academic, administrative and committee) structures with clear responsibilities and accountabilities
  • A well articulated governance role for Academic Board in academic quality assurance
  • Policies, procedures and processes supporting the strategic plan
  • Rigorous approval and review processes for academic activities
  • A planning and budget cycle, to ensure strategic directions are supported
  • Systematic reviews against plans and budgets
  • Evidence based decision making supported by high quality management information
  • Robust risk management integrated into planning and review processes
  • High quality student academic and personal support services
  • Transparent staff performance management and development processes
  • A strong service culture across all levels of the institution