Quality Management and governance

La Trobe University's Academic Board considers and advises the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council on academic matters and any other broad issues which affect the academic excellence of the University. In particular, the Academic Board Statute 2009 states that the Board may

"promote high standards of teaching, learning and research throughout the University; [and] oversee the review of academic programs and organization units engaged in teaching and research…"Academic Board Statute 2009

The Board also approves and monitors the implementation of policy on academic matters.  These policies are usually developed at one of the various Academic Board sub-committees, which include the Academic Quality Committee, the Research and Graduate Studies Committee, the Education Committee, the Coursework Committee and the Admissions Committee. The sub-committees of Academic Board also coordinate the monitoring of the implementation of academic policies.

Administrative policies of the University are approved by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the University's Planning and Resources Committee.

All policies are reported to the University Council after their approval by the Board or the Vice-Chancellor.