Public Health staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Vijaya Sundararajan Head of Department, Public Health 03 9479 3882
Professor Samar Aoun Prof Res, Palliative Care/Public Health
Dr. Daryll Archibald Lecturer (Public Health) 03 9479 2684
Michelle Atlas Casual Academic
Daniel Attard Casual Academic
Maria Avgoulas Associate Lecturer 03 9479 5817
Jessica Ballas Casual Academic
Emma Barker Associate Lecturer (HIM) 03 9479 3500
Charles Beelaerts Casual Academic
Daniel Berends Casual Academic
Kay Bonello Lecturer Digital Health 03 9479 5846
Aneta Boskovska Casual Academic
Professor James Boyd Chair of Digital Health 03 9479 3632
Jennifer Browne Casual Academic
Katie Buckley Casual Academic 03 9479 3172
Melissa Buultjens Senior Lecturer in Public Health 03 9479 6502
Phil Buultjens Associate Lecturer - Public Health 03 9479 5085
Dr. Libby Byrne Lecturer 03 9479 2567
Erin Byrne-Gurung Casual Academic
Sharon Campbell Senior Lecturer, Health Info. Management 03 9479 5846
Dr. Milena Canil Casual Academic
James Canty Casual Academic 03 9479 6043
Dr. Lindsay Carey Senior Lecturer, Palliative Care 03 9479 8817
Jacinda Carey Casual Academic
Dr. Christa Carey-Sargeant Casual Academic
Amber Carlesso Casual Academic
Patricia Catterson Casual Academic
Dr. Dan Chamberlain Research Fellow 03 9479 3097
Nadia Chaves Casual Academic
Shannon Checklin Casual Academic
Number of results: 168
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Honorary and emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Catherine Balding Adjunct Professor
Dr. Simon Barraclough Adjunct Associate Professor 03 9479 5713
Ros Ben-Moshe Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Todd Bentley Adjunct Associate Professor
Li Bian Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr. James Breheny OAM Adjunct Professor
David Caple Adjunct Professor
Inge Dhamanti Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Professor Paul Dietze Adjunct Professor
Dr. Leanne Downing Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Stephen Duckett Emeritus Professor
Dr. Owen Evans Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Wenqi Fu Honorary Visiting Fellow
Heather Gardner Adjunct Associate Professor
Caoimhe Geraghty Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Cheryl Gibson Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Liu Guoxiang Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Yanhua Hao Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Rick Hayes Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Julieanne Hilbers Honorary Associate
Professor Graeme Houghton Adj Ap
Genevieve Howse Adjunct Associate Professor
Yi Jiang Honorary Visiting Fellow
Irene Kearsey Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Kang Li Adjunct Professor
Professor Pranee Liamputtong Adjunct Professor
Professor Vivian Lin Adjunct Professor
Yuan Lu Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr. Wendy Macdonald Adjunct Professor
Professor Jingfu Mao Adjunct Associate Professor
Number of results: 54
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