Dr Robyn

Dr Robyn Stargatt

MSc(Clin Neuro) PhD MAPS

Senior Lecturer, Course Co-ordinator Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

George Singer Building, room 466, Melbourne (Bundoora)





Membership of professional associations

College of Clinical Neuropsychology, College of Development and Educational Psychology

Area of study


Brief profile

Dr Stargatt was appointed as Senior Lecturer & Research Co-ordinator in July 2006. This position straddles two campuses.

Duties at La Trobe University include teaching to Postgraduate Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Programs; Supervision of Students with clinical case load, Supervision of PhD, Doctorate, Masters and Honours Research Projects; and development of independent research. Duties at Austin Health Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service include promotion of research and support of staff undertaking research, supervision of students on research placements and development of independent research.

Dr Stargatt also has an honorary position at the Australian Center for Child Neuropsychological Studies (ACCNS) at the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre (MCRI), Royal Parade, Parkville, VICTORIA in The Critical Care and Neurosciences Research Theme.

This Theme conducts research regarding the lives, health, quality of life and well being of babies and children with serious conditions requiring surgery and acute care. The ACCNS aims to understand brain behaviour relationships within a developmental context through the development and implementation of multi-disciplinary research initiatives. The ACCNS aims to develop and evaluate intervention programs that will enhance clinical practice and maximize medical, educational and psychosocial outcomes.

Prior to this recent appointment at La Trobe University she was as a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne where she had worked for the past 14 years. Dr Stargatt’s Primary responsibility there was neuropsychological assessment and management of paediatric in-patients and out-patients with a variety of presenting difficulties from general and specialist medical, neurosurgical and psychiatric units. Intervention included working with parents, families and schools of identified patients using a variety of psychological techniques.

Research interests

Clinical and health psychology

- Treatment for child and adolescent mental health disorders

Neuroscience and neuropsychology

- Child and Adolescent neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders

Teaching units

PSY5PNP Developmental Neuropsychology

PSY5NCC Neuropsypsychology Case Analysis

PSY5NPM Neuropsychological Models

PSY5PAX Neuropsychological Assessment

PSY5NBC Neurobiological and Clinical Disorders in Childhood


Consultation re design of clinical research

Recent publications

Stephanie Malarbi, Hisham Abu-Rayya, Frank Muscara & Robyn Stargatt, Neuropsychological Functioning of Childhood Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Meta-Analysis. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 72 (2017) 68–86. Sherwell, S. (La Trobe University), Reid, S. (Royal Children’s Hospital), Reddihough, DS. (MCRI), Ong, B. (La Trobe University), Wrennall, J. (Royal Children’s Hospital), Stargatt, R. (La Trobe University), “Cognitive function in children with Cerebral Palsy according to CP type.” Developmental Neuropsychology Submitted Feb 2016.

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Research projects

GAS: The multi-centre international randomized controlled trial comparing the effect of spinal versus general anaesthesia on neurodevelopmental outcome and post-operative apnoea in neonates undergoing hernia repair. Davidson, A., Crawly, G., Stargatt, R, Hunt, R., & Hardy P.

TREX: Neurodevelopmental outcome after sevoflurane versus dexmedetomidine/remifentanil anaesthesia in infancy: a randomised controlled trial. A Davidson, B Regli-von Ungern-Sternberg, R Hunt, L Crowe, K Lee, M McCann, F McGowan, D Andropoulos, A Brambrink, R Stargatt.

Rehabilitation of executive function in children with TBI: Systematic review and Meta-analysis. Monika Konjarski Masters and R Stargatt

 Social Cognition following Paediatric TBI: Systematic review and Meta-analysis. On Zhi Xiang and R Stargatt    The Experiences of Mothers with Children Exposed to Single-Incident Trauma: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. Jordana Aamalia and R Stargatt.

The cognitive and academic functioning of children with unilateral (or hemiplegic) cerebral palsy.  Ben Gray Brain Hoare, Ali Crichton and R Stargatt.

 Long term follow up of Cognitive functioning in children with cerebral palsy according to topographic distribution of injury and severity. Monika Konjarski, Robyn Stargatt, and Dept of Rehabilition Medicine RCH & MCRI.