Dr Lynette

Dr Lynette Evans

Senior Lecturer

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

George Singer Building, room 255, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BBSc, MPsych, PhD LTU



Membership of professional associations

Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Area of study


Brief profile

In addition to conducting research Dr Evans has been very closely involved in the Post Graduate Professional Programs at La Trobe University particularly in the Clinical program. Her teaching in the clinical area is based on my academic experience but also my extensive clinical experience.

Research interest:

- Eating problems and body dissastifcation and the impact on relationship experiances for women.

-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the impact on intimate relationships.

-Body image associated with exercise and sport in men and women.

Teaching units

PSYCCA/C   - Clinical Case Analysis

PSY6APP-- Advanced Professional Practice.

PSY6PAD- Psychopathology.

PSYCAT- Clinical Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

PSY3RTP-- Relationaship Theory and Practice

PSY4HNA-- Counselling Skills

PSY2AHP--Clinical Psychology- Depression

Recent publications

Brown, J., Stukas, A. & Evans, L. (2013). Appearance feedback in intimate relationships: The role of self-verification and self-enhancement. Body Image, 10 131– 134

Carty, J., O’Donnell, M., Evans, L. et al. (in process) Shared and differential vulnerability to PTSD symptomatology and persistent pain after severe injury:  A prospective study. Pain.

Carty, J. O'Donnell,M., Evans, L., Kazantzis, N., Creamer, N. (2011).  Predicting posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and pain intensity following severe injury: the role of catastrophizing The European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2, : http://www.eurojnlofpsychotraumatol.net

Cowlishaw, S., Evans, L. & McLennan, J. (2010). Work-family conflict and crossover in a volunteer work context: Impacts of emergency service volunteering on family. Work and Stress, 24, 342-358..

Cowlishaw, S., McLennan, J. & Evans, L., (2008) Volunteer firefighting and family life: An organisational perspective on conflict between volunteer and family roles Australian Journal of Volunteer, 13(2), 1-17.

Cowlishaw, S., Evans, L., & McLennan, J. (2008) Families of rural volunteer firefighters. Rural Society, 18, 17-25.

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Evans, L., Cowlishaw, S., Forbes, D., Parslow, R., & Lewis, V. (2010). Longitudinal analyses of family functioning in veterans and their partners across treatment. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology,78,611-622.

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Evans, L. & Wertheim, E. (2005). Attachment styles in adult intimate relationships: Comparing women with bulimia nervosa symptoms, women with depression and women with no clinical symptoms. European Eating Disorders Review. 13, 285-293.

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Schembri, C. & Evans, L. (2008). Adverse Relationship Processes: The Attempts of Women with Bulimia Nervosa Symptoms to Fit the Perceived Ideal of Intimate Partners. European Eating Disorders Review, 16, 59-66.


Published Conference Proceedings

Caddedu, M., McLennan J. & Evans L. (2012). Couples’ Bushfire Survival Planning: A Case Study – The 2011 Lake Clifton (WA) Fire. Australian Fire and Emergency Council Conference. Perth

Caddedu, M., Evans, L. & McLennan, J. (2011). Couple’s decision making about forming a bushfire plan. Australian Fire and Emergency Council Conference. Sydney.

Zapral, A., Evans, L. & Stukas, A. (2011).Relationship repair links to self esteem and compassionate love. Society of Australasian Social Psychologists Conference, Sydney.


Cowlishaw, S., Evans, L. & McLennan, J. (2009). Family and work cross over stress in volunteer emergency services. 16th International Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) Conference. Gold Coast, Queensland. 22-24 September.

Older publications

 Zapral, A., Evans, L. & Stukas, A. (2011).Relationship repair links to self esteem and compassionate love. Society of Australasian Social Psychologists Conference, Sydney.

Cowlishaw, S., Evans, L. & McLennan, J. (2009). Family and work cross over stress in volunteer emergency services. 16th International Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) Conference. Gold Coast, Queensland. 22-24 September.

Evans, L & Hopwood, M. (2007) Family functioning and treatment outcomes in veterans, World Psychiatry Conference, Melbourne

Evans, L. & Hopwood, M (2007). Treatment responses in veterans. Mental Health Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Cowlishaw, S., Evans, L., & McLennan, J. (2007). Exploring the impacts of emergency service volunteering on volunteer families. Paper presented at the 1st Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference: Brisbane, Australia

Cowlishaw, S, Evans, L. & McLennan, J. (2007) The families of Australian volunteer firefighters: An agency perspective on conflicts between volunteer and family roles 7th Industrial and Organisational Psychology (IOP) Conference , Adelaide

Research projects


Doctor of Psychology            

Liz Cosgrave Thesis title: Adolescents coping strategies and addictive behaviour mediated by negative affect.

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical, Child and Family) (completed).                  


Doctor of Psychology

Kirsty Hildebrandt Thesis title: Adult attachment and relationship satisfaction. An investigation of the influence of perception of interaction and relational behaviour in intimate relationships.

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical, Child and Family) (completed).

Lisa Meehan Thesis title: Association between body size, body dissatisfaction, teasing, self-concept and intimacy.

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) (completed).

Master of Psychology

Jeff Kelly Thesis title: Attachment styles and relationship experiences of gay men.

Master of Psychology (Clinical) (completed).


Doctor of Psychology

Erika Wong Thesis title: Family distress, eating attitudes and behaviours and body image of Vietnamese-Australian and Anglo-Australian mothers and adolescent daughters.

Doctor of Psychology (Health) (completed).



Gery Karantzas. Thesis title: The effects of attachment on intergenerational care giving between adult children and older parents (completed).            

Doctor of Psychology.

Verena Ross Thesis title: Attachment and resilience in children with mothers with mental illness.

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) (completed).


Doctor of Psychology

Charlene Schembri. Thesis title: Attachment styles, self-concept and satisfaction in relationships for women with eating problems.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (completed 2007).

Marie Anderson Thesis title: Motivational interviewing with parents and children concerned about weight issues. (completed 2011)


Doctor of Psychology

Jennifer Brown Thesis title: Attitudes towards body in women and expectations of partner responses. (completed 2009)

Louise Barr Thesis title: The Influence of Body Image Dissatisfaction and Domain of Self on Self-Presentation to an Intimate Partner. (completed 2009)

Jessica Carty Thesis title: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Catastrophising in car accident victims across time. (completed 2010).



Sean Cowlishaw Thesis title: Impact of fire service on family functioning of volunteers. (completed 2009).


Doctor of Psychology.

Emma Nicholls Thesis Title: Childhood abuse, resilience and borderline personality disorder symptoms (completed 2012)

Kefle Yohannes Thesis title: Ego depletion and regulation in anxiety disorders.(completed 2012)

Amber Denehey Thesis title: Rejection sensitivity and attachment style in relationships. (completed 2012).

Emily Wilkinson. Repair processes in adult partner relationships. (ongoing).

Anna Zapral. Compassionate love and repair in close relationships. (ongoing)



Dana Mariangela Caddeu Thesis title: Couple decision making in relation to bushfire risk. (ongoing)