Professor Edith L.

Professor Edith L. Bavin



College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

Biological Sciences 2, room 166, Melbourne (Bundoora)


Teaching Dip (3 year) London, B Ed. Calgary, MA, PhD Buffalo, NY



Membership of professional associations

Fellow Association for Psychological Science, International Association for the Study of Child language, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Area of study


Brief profile

Professor Bavin's early research was on the acquisition of Warlpiri, an indigenous language spoken in central Australia. More recently her research has been concerned with assessing young children's language knowledge and language processing skills. Of particular interest has been the topics of late talkers and the cognitive skills of children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). This research has investigated visuo-spatial memory, verbal memory, attention, narrative skills and the numerical cognition of children with SLI. Other projects have investigated the memory and attention of children with SLI and ADHD and the auditory processing skills of 4-7 year olds.

A long-term research project on which Professor Bavin is a CI is the Early Language in Victoria Study (ELVS), based at the Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Research Institute. The study is investigating the natural history of language and literacy development and language impairment in a longitudinal study with a sample of 1910 children (from 8 months to 14 years).  Another research project is the language processing of children with autism, and for this research using eye tracking has been used.

An ARC Linkage grant is currently supporting research on the language and cognitive development of young children with cochlear implants. In this project, which Professor Bavin is running across four states, infants have been recruited prior to implantation and have been followed up for 3-4 years.

Professor Bavin served as the editor of the Journal of Child Language until 2012 and is currently on the Editorial Board for the journal. She edited the Cambridge Handbook of Child Language, published in 2009 and a new, more comprehensive edition which appeared in 2015. The later included a section on literacy development and chapters on new topics not included in the earlier edition. She co-edited a book 'The Acquisition of Ergativity' following collaborative work at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig.

Research interests

Cognitive and developmental psychology

- Language and language impairment; child language acquisition and factors that influence it

Teaching units




Parenting Research Centre, The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children.

Recent publications

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Research projects

The language and cognitive development of young children with cochlear implants

The language processing of children with autism using eye tracking

The Early Language in Victoria Study (ELVS)