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Dr Andrea

Dr Andrea Waling

Research Fellow

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Psychology and Public Health

Department of Psychology and Counselling

NR6 , Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society


PhD Sociology, Bachelor of Arts Honours Anthropology, Sociology & Sexuality Studies



Membership of professional associations

Ordinary Board Member (2017-2019) of The American Mens Studies Association; Member of the Australian Women and Gender Studies Association (2017-Present)

Brief profile

Dr Andrea Waling is an award-winning interdisciplinary researcher and lecturer specialising in qualitative research methods, LGBTI issues, men and masculinty studies, raunch culture and sexualisation, and studies in gender and sexuality, and has a keen interest in research that supports marginalised communities. She completed her PhD in Sociology in 2015 at Monash University, and is currently working across a number of research projects as an investigator and/or research associate. Her PhD dissertation examines the prevalence of iconic masculinities as they infiltrate the Australian consciousness, and determines the extent to which these stereotypes may still hold currency within modern Australian society. Her PhD thesis is currently being adapted into a book entitled White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia: The Good Ol’ Aussie Bloke for publication in 2019.  Dr Waling is a voted member of the Board of Directors for the American Men's Studies Association, and is co-chairing the 2018 Annual American Men's Studies Association Conference with Dr Jonathan A. Allen (Brandon University) and Dr Frank Karioris (American University of Central Asia). Her paper co-authored with Dr James Roffee published in Safer Communities recieved the 'Outstanding Paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence' and she is recgonised as a 'Rising Scholar in the Field of Sexuality' by The Society for Sexuality Studies. Her research with Dr James Roffee was recently nominated for an award by GLOBE Community in 2017 in the 'Protecting our Community' category. 

Research interests

Gender and health

- Critical men’s studies; LGBTIQ+ issues, men's bodies

Healthy Ageing

- LGBTI+ health and wellbeing

Sexuality and Relationships

- Sex, sexuality and gender in the media; pop culture, critical men studies, men's bodies


men and masculinity, LGBTIQ+ issues, sex and gender in the media, sexualisation, sexuality

Recent publications


  • Waling, Andrea. (Under Contract). White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia: The good ol’ Aussie bloke. Routledge Publishing. Due for completion Janurary, 2019. 

Book Chapters

  • Waling, A., & Roffee, J. (Forthcoming 2018, Reprint). ‘Knowing, performing and holding queerness: LGBTIQ+ student experiences in Australian tertiary education.’ In Jacqueline Ullman & Tania Ferfolja (Eds.) Routledge Special Issues as Books (Title to be Determined). Routledge Press.
  • Roffee, James., & Waling, Andrea. (Forthcoming 2018). ‘Sexuality on the inside: Lesbian, gay and bisexual inmates’ In Church, W & Singer D (eds) Stigma and the Criminal Justice System, for Oxford University Press. 
  • Dowsett, Gary., Duncan, Duane., Waling, Andrea., du Plooy, Daniel., & Prestage, Garrett. (Forthcoming). The social dimension of prostate cancer in gay men’s sexuality. In Jane Ussher., Janette Perz & Simon Rosser (Eds.) Gay and Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer: From Diagnosis to Recovery. New York, NY: Harrington Park Press. 

Journal Articles 

Non-Refereed Articles

Book Reviews



Media & Community Outreach

  • Profiled for news segement concerning Masculinity Speaker Series "#MeToo and men: Calgarians share their thoughts." Topic: #metoo and masculinity. Global News Hour at 6 Calgary. 01.03.2018. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
  • Profiled for news segement concerning Masculinity Speaker Series "Danielle Smith joins the conversation on Global News Morning Calgary." Topic: Dick pics. Global News Morning Calgary.  02.03.2018. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
  • Expert Interview for radio segement 'Mornings with Danielle Smith.' (02.03.2018). Topic: Dick pics, men's bodies, masculinity. News Talk 770 CHQR. 
  • Expert Interview for article 'Men can have body issues too: Researcher explores masculinity in the age of #MeToo' (28.02.2018). Topic: #metoo, body image, Dick Pics, masculinity. Metronews. By Brodie Thomas. 
  • Expert Interview for article 'Boys to men: #MeToo movement prompts Calgary university lectures on masculinity' (28.02.2018). Topic: #metoo, masculinity, body image, Dick Pics. The Canadian Press. By Bob Weber. 
  • Profiled in article 'Think long and hard about why you’re sending that dick pic.’ (07.12.2017). AV Club. By Laura M. Browning.
  • Profiled for article 'The World’s First Dick-Pic Researcher' (06.12.2017). Mel Magazine. Topic: Dick Pics, Sexting, Digital Media. By C.Brian Smith. 
  • Expert Interview for radio segment 'Drive with Rafael Epstein'. (24.05.2017). Topic: Muscling Up project, men's body image, women's desires. ABC Melbourne: 774 AM. 
  • Expert Interview for the radio segment 'Mornings with Ali Clark'. (18.05.2017). Topic: Dick pics, flashing, men and sexualtiy. ABC Adelaide: 891 AM. 
  • Comment for article "Men’s Jewellery: Forging a New Identity" for Jeweller Magazine. (07.11.2016). Topic: Men, masculinity and men's jewellery. By Angela Tufvesson.
  • Invited Panel Member/Discussant for the screening of CHEVALIER (25.10.2016). Topic: Women telling stories about masculinity. Part of the She Speaks First series. Speak Easy Cinema. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
  • Comment for article "Why Anthony Weiner’s sexting should worry every parent" for The New Daily. (03.09.2016). Topic: Boys and sexting. By John Elder. 
  • Expert Interview for the radio segment 'Panorama' (02.08.2016). Topic: young men, media and body image. SYN: 90.7
  • Expert Interview for the radio segment 'Drive' with Kate O'Toole (12.07.2016). Topic: Men, social media, masculinity and 'Dick Pics.' ABC Darwin: 105.7
  • Expert Interview for the radio segment “Masculinity” (19.06.2016). Topic: Australian identity, masculinity, men's body image, men's emotions.  ABC: Triple J-The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly.
  • Academic Consultant for the documentary “Man Up.” (13.12.2015). Topic: Australian identity and masculinity, exploring historical tropes and contemporary representations in media. ABC/Heiress Films.
  • Master of Ceremonies/Keynote Speaker for the WorkingOut Trans and Gender Diverse Forum (04.07.2015). Topic: Panel discussion on employment support options for people that identify as trans/gender diverse within the community. ZBGC & WorkingOut. 
  • Invited Panel Member for the Monash Postgraduate Association/Ally Network, 22/05/2015. Topic: Supporting LGBTIQ Youth in Higher Education. International Day against Homophobia & Transphobia Week.
  • Invited Panel Member for the MSA Queer Department, Monash University. 24/06/2013. Topic: Sex and Gender Diversity. Queer Week.
  • Comment on issues and struggles experienced by sex and gender diverse individuals, 20/06/2012 in ‘Zoe Belle Gender Centre’ by Rachel Cook. Melbourne Community Voice (MCV): Gay News Network. Pp 12-13.

Research projects

Projects Leading

  • ​White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia: The Good Ol’ Aussie Bloke
  • The ‘Dick Pic’: Exploring Men’s Motivations for Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos to Women
  • LGBTIQ+ Students, Inclusion & University: Contemporary Experiences

Post-Doc/Research Associate

  • ​Rainbow Ageing: A National Survey of the Health and Well-Being of Older LGBTI Australians (
  • Muscling Up: Australian Men, Sexualisation and Body Image Enhancement  ( 
  • Moving On: Mental Health, Resilience and Sexual Recovery among Gay Men Living with Prostate Cancer 

Upcoming Talks 2018

  • Paper: Waling, Andrea. “Men in the female gaze.” The 26th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the American Men's Studies Association (AMSA): Bodies, Sexualities, Masculinities. March 22-25. University of Minnesota, Minnesota, MN.
  • Paper: Waling, Andrea [presenter]., Duane, Duncan., Angelides, Steven, & Dowsett, Gary. ‘For me or not for me?: Women’s reflections on men’s bodywork and sex.’ The 26th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the American Men's Studies Association (AMSA): Bodies, Sexualities, Masculinties. March 22-25. University of Minnesota, Minnesota, MN.
  • Workshop: Waling, Andrea. "Alt-Ac: Alternative Academic Careers." The 26th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the American Men's Studies Association (AMSA): Bodies, Sexualities, Masculinties. March 22-25. University of Minnesota, Minnesota, MN.
  • Invited Talk: Waling, Andrea. "Locating the Erotic (Hetero) Male: Thinking about objectification, sexualisation, and masculinity." Masculinities Speaker Series in Education. March 1. Cragie Hall, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
  • Invited Talk: Waling, Andrea. "Masculinity, Postfeminism & Agency." Masculinities Speaker Series in Education. March 1. 12pm-1pm. School of Education, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
  • Invited Presentation: Waling, Andrea., [presenter]; Duncan, Duane; Angelides, Steven; & Dowsett, Gary. "Muscling Up project: Accounts on men contemplating a transition to PIED use." Fit for purpose: The legal, medical and social barriers and enablers to safer PIED injecting. February 16.  Monash Law Chambers, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.