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AICES (Australian Infant Communication and Engagement Study)

Early Intervention Findings

The AICES clinical trial was carried out by La Trobe University and Telethon Kids Insitute, WA, between 2016 – 2020.  This significant study forms part of our early intervention research program, which seeks to evaluate therapies that can then be implemented very early in life for infants.  We had the generous support, time and knowledge of 103 families across Victoria and WA.  Our valued partnership with Victorian Maternal Child Health Service and the WA Child Development Service also made this research possible.

We have now completed an analysis of the early data from AICES.  This includes information collected at the start of the study (baseline), through to when our infants turned 18 months old.  By this age, the iBASIS program for half of our randomised participants had just finished.  This early data already presents interesting results, particularly around infant language development.

You can view the preliminary Snapshot of our findings here, published by the Autism CRC.

Our next steps include analysis of participant information across the entire study when our children reached 3.5 years of age.  We look forward to sharing these final results and the subsequent publications.

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Therapy for infants showing early signs of autism (Autism CRC Report)

Published March 2021

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