Cognitive and developmental psychology


We conduct a wide variety of research projects in the field of cognitive and developmental psychology. Here are a few of them:

Child Development Unit

Researching the social, emotional, cognitive, and perceptual development of children.

The New Statistics & Open Science

ESCI - A set of interactive simulations that run under Microsoft Excel.

Pathways to early language

Aims to gain more understanding of the factors that facilitate the development of spoken language for young children with cochlear implants.

The Psychology of Seeing in Autism

Looking is the eyes gathering information while seeing is the integration of this information. Atypical visual integration may lead to problems in successful functioning. In the case of autism, this may manifest in difficulties seeing the forest for the trees, favouring details at the expense of the bigger picture.

Developmental Neuromotor and Cognition Lab

Maturation of executive function, dual-task processing and motor control in children with typical and atypical development

Research areas

Research programs in cognitive and developmental psychology include investigations of cognition and perception, language, social and emotional development, memory, impact of hemispheric asymmetries and processes underlying decision making.

Some of the research in developmental psychology takes place in a purpose-built Child Development Unit, which maintains a directory of parents and children interested in participating in research programs. Other research takes place in government and non-government schools, and other departmental research laboratories including the Language Research Unit. Aspects of atypical development with particular reference to autism, and the nature of language impairment are particular interest of members of the group.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Research

The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) conducts research to advance knowledge of the nature and causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as to develop and study evidence-based strategies for supporting children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

An example of the close relationship between teaching and research development is StatPlay, a computer-based statistics package that is being developed and evaluated for use in teaching basic statistical concepts to University students from a wide range of disciplines.

Potential PhD and masters research topics

We will consider any research topic that interests potential PhD students; however, students will benefit from researching in areas that align with our research strengths. Find a relevant supervisor and topic for your research.