Clinical and health psychology


We conduct a wide variety of research projects in the field of clinical and health psychology. Here are a few of them:

Achieving Body Confidence for Young Children (ABC-4-YC)

A school-based body image program aimed at reducing body dissatisfaction, weight stigma, and appearance-based teasing.

Children's Body Image Development Study

Aims to find out more about the influences of age, gender, body size and the social environment on the body image of pre-school children.

Confident Body, Confident Child

Promoting healthy body image and eating patterns in young children

Cool Little Kids

Helping shy/anxious young children to build confidence and be brave.


Our work focuses on understanding the development of body image in children, uncovering risk factors for body dissatisfaction and eating disorders, and evaluating prevention and treatment interventions for these problems.

Lifengage – for life beyond psychosis

Researching treatments for the symptoms of psychosis.

Self-help for anxiety

Finding messages suitable for promotion to the public

Research areas

Researchers in the area of clinical and health psychology are widely recognised for a diverse range of research programs in areas such as:

  • adult and child assessment
  • body image and disordered eating
  • children's mental health (aetiology, prevention, treatment)
  • community attitudes and stigma related to psychological disorders
  • conflict resolution, mediation and forgiveness
  • couple interactions
  • dementia
  • depression and related disorders
  • Interventions, including e-resources, for recovery from psychosis or
  • innovative treatments in public mental health services
  • mindfulness and  contextual therapies (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • occupational health psychology
  • origins and phenomenology of hallucations, delusions, overvalued ideas and related phenomena
  • parenting and family relationships
  • psychological and neuropsychiatric disorders
  • psychosis and associated phenomena
  • recovery and family work in psychotic and mood disorders
  • sleep

Potential PhD and masters research topics

We will consider any research topic that interests potential PhD students; however, students will benefit from researching in areas that align with our research strengths. Find a relevant supervisor and topic for your research.