Areas of research

Clinical and health psychology

We strive to understand the psychological processes that cause and maintain challenging health and emotional problems; and use this understanding to develop effective treatments and approaches to change.

Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience

Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach, with research spanning from molecular, cellular and immune processes through to behavioural and cognitive neuroscience.

Neuropsychology and biological psychology

We investigate the cognitive, emotional and behavioural sequelae of a wide range of clinical conditions, and conduct clinical trials evaluating innovative neuropsychological interventions.

Social and community psychology

Our research examines both basic social psychological processes and their application to the study of practical problems and their solutions in the community.

Developmental psychology

We investigate the cognitive, social, and emotional development of individuals across the lifespan, in the general population and specific clinical groups; and apply this understanding to develop ground-breaking intervention programs.

Sensory processes, perception, and performance

Our research investigates sensory and perceptual processes, particularly with regards to the visual system, integrating a range of psychophysical techniques.