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Cats perceive more than meets the eye

Research investigating cats’ susceptibility to illusory contours shows they percieve space in much the same ways as humans.

One for the dogs and cats: bequest secures La Trobe’s future research into companion animal benefits

From the time she was a kid, Lesley Humphreys knew domestic animals can change life for the better. Discover how La Trobe research has empowered her mission to improve animal welfare and companion animal program funding.

Supporting a neurodiverse workforce

Researchers develop toolkit to support autistic employees

Weight Stigma: 2020-2021 National Survey

Leah Brennan of La Trobe has led the design of a national survey measuring attitudes towards and experiences of weight stigma in Australia, commissioned for SBS documentary What does Australia really think about obesity?

Conservation and canine science

PhD candidate, Nick Rutter, is combining his passion for conservation with his interest in canine science

Social support for people with diabetes

New research from the College of Science, Health and Engineering suggests that social support may optimise self-care behaviours in people with diabetes

LGBTIQ adults' national survey published

La Trobe researchers publish major survey of LGBTIQ adults

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