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Autism early education breakthrough

New research shows toddlers with autism thrive in mainstream education

Career hope for people with autism

Preliminary findings into specialised autism employment study released

Pet positive

Dr Pauleen Bennett heads Australia’s first dedicated human-dog interaction laboratory, training assistance dogs for veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder

Animals offer insight to gender equality

Understanding animal behaviour could free us from gender inequality

Death anxiety in Asian cultures

Research by psychologist Dr Emiko Kashima is examining how culture and society influences the perception of death.

La Trobe leads assistance dog project

La Trobe partners with DVA to tackle veteran PTSD

New solution to rural doctor shortage

End-to-end rural medical program in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and Shepparton

Tackling unconscious biases

To achieve gender equality, we must tackle our unconscious biases

Minimum NT alcohol price to reduce harm

Northern Territory government announced this week on alcohol policy

Four types of drinker: which one are you

There are four types of drinker - which one are you?

Young Australians are drinking less

Research shows young Australians are drinking less, not older people

Virtual support helps curb drinking

New research shows the benefits of online peer support programs in helping people cut alcohol consumption

Evolutionary history of men and women

Seeking gender equality and evolutionary psychology

Autism and link to suicidal thoughts

Why people with autism are more likely to have suicidal thoughts

Early autism diagnosis, better outcomes

Children diagnosed with autism earlier have better school outcomes

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