Study options

Our curriculum focuses on 'real world' skills such as group/team work, oral presentations, computing and data analysis, report writing, critical thinking, and interpretation of research findings. We offer a range of psychology courses that are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and provide pathways for becoming a psychologist, or numerous other careers, such as through other helping professions, human resource/personnel, managerial roles, research/information analysis or teaching.

Our Bachelor-degree graduates will have a range of interdisciplinary skills, knowledge and attitudes highly sought after by prospective employees.

La Trobe undergraduates also develop knowledge and skills in three La Trobe Essentials which are specialist areas designed to give you an edge with employers. These Essentials (Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking) are embedded into a range of our undergraduate subjects (PSY1CFP, PSY3CCG , PSY3RPA, PSY3HAR, PSY3WPP) and can also be undertaken through many other discipline subjects as electives.

Undergraduate and Honours

We have several APAC accredited courses:

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science: This is our traditional APAC accredited three-year degree; students are eligible to apply for honours on completion.
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours): Our APAC accredited fourth-year honours degree, follows the BPsySc.
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours): This is an integrated APAC accredited four-year degree including three years of undergraduate study plus an honours fourth year.

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Subjects you will study

We have one of the broadest ranges of psychology subjects and psychology electives in Victoria. At the same time there is ample room to choose many electives outside of psychology if you choose.

Core subjects: Core subjects include experimental, clinical and health foundations of psychology; history, philosophy and methods; developmental psychology; social psychology; abnormal psychology; cognition, psychological research methods, psychological assessment and intervention, research projects, and developing career skills.

A wide range of psychology electives: In addition you can select among a range of behavioural neuroscience subjects which we specialise in, such as the neural basis of consciousness.   With strong links to the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, we offer a unique subject dedicated to understanding autism spectrum disorders.   If you are interested in culture, community and global citizenship or studying close relationships among people, we have elective subjects for you.   We even offer a subject on the psychology of human-animal relationships.

Field placements: We are committed to developing field placement opportunities and have developed two placement subjects (PSY3PFP, PSY3WPP) for undergraduates. As part of our partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, students have been offered 20 to 27 day (as preferred) field placements with a range of offices such as Child Protection Services, Disability Services, Secure Welfare Services, Client Outcomes Branch and Health Workforce Planning.  We have been working closely with DHHS to create opportunities for students to develop careers at DHHS on graduation.  Further placements have been organised for students to work with organisations in service settings focusing on a range of activities from assisting people who are homeless to completing organisational psychology projects in a business context.


Our professional psychology postgraduate coursework programs prepare you for practice and research in clinical psychology or clinical neuropsychology. Gain the specialist training for registration as a professional psychologist and membership of the Australian Psychological Society. We emphasise strong clinical skills development, supported by intensive supervision and advanced study of theory.

Our professional masters and combined masters/PhD programs are highly sought after.

  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Combined PhD and Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Combined PhD and Master of Clinical Neuropsychology

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Practical placements

While undertaking professional postgraduate training programs, students are registered provisional psychologists. Students undertake a placement in our in-house La Trobe Psychology Clinic in which experienced supervising psychologists provide intensive support to prepare students for external placements.

Students then complete further placements with a wide range of partner organisations with which we have negotiated enriching placement opportunities on behalf of our students.

Research degrees

Postgraduate programs are also available that support students to develop a career in research or advanced application of psychological knowledge. Collaborate with highly respected La Trobe researchers in your field, who have strong partnerships locally and internationally. We attract research funding, peer reviewed project grant funding and have a strong record in publications.  PhD degrees can be completed as a stand-alone degree with a research focus, or combined with a professional psychology masters program.

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Psychological Science

We have a wide range of researchers in our Department with whom you can complete a research degree. You may also like to browse the list of PhD topics available for supervision.

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