Collaborate with eNACT

We welcome new eNACT members and researchers to submit an expression of interest to collaborate with us.

Why collaborate with us

We have a strong track record of productive and innovative collaborations with highly regarded researchers, multidisciplinary clinicians, and members of the acquired brain injury (ABI) community.

Our collaborations have resulted in real, meaningful changes to clinical pathways of care, which have improved access to high-quality evidence-based cognitive and psychological treatments for people with ABI.

The eNACT group can:

  • assist with the generation and implementation of ideas for new and innovative research
  • co-design treatments and other research activities with ABI community members and clinicians
  • deliver training programs and packages to enhance development of clinical skills relevant to brain injury rehabilitation
  • present at conferences, workshops and public events
  • provide world-class evidence-based clinical services for people with ABI, through our the eNACT Clinic
  • foster a sense of community by enabling connections between eNACT partners, including ABI community members
  • share ABI-related information and resources
  • be an informed voice in the media through media appearances and consultancy.

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