eNACT Research Group

The eNACT research group was established in 2018 and is situated in the Department of Psychology and Counselling, within the School of Psychology and Public Health.

We bring together researchers and clinicians who work with people with acquired brain injury (ABI), such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, to further our understanding of:

  • how brain injuries impact the lives of individuals affected by them
  • which treatments improve cognitive function, emotional adjustment, and participation in meaningful activities and life roles
  • the best ways to train clinicians to deliver treatments effectively
  • how to change clinical practice more broadly, to improve access to evidence-based treatments.

Our group:

  • conducts research
  • trains clinicians
  • runs a neurorehabilitation clinic
  • promotes collaboration between researchers, clinicians, external organisations and members of the community of people directly affected by ABI.


Our research and clinical activities aim to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people with ABI.


We bring together researchers, clinicians, and community members to:

  • generate ideas for new and innovative research
  • complete existing research projects
  • identify continuing education needs
  • deliver training programs and packages to enhance clinical skill development
  • present at conferences, workshops and public events
  • provide world-class evidence-based clinical services for people with ABI
  • foster a sense of community
  • share ABI related information and resources
  • support the development of a strong, vocal and active ABI community
  • be an informed voice in the media
  • involve clinicians and ABI community members in project development and co-design of treatments and other research activities.