Childhood Autism Phenotype Team (CAPTeam)

The Childhood Autism Phenotype Team (CAPTeam), with the support of our research participants, collaborators and community partners, works to develop new understanding of early childhood development related to the condition of autism.

The CAPTeam, led by Dr Kristelle Hudry, is a growing team of post-doctoral early career researchers and higher degree research students, conducting large-scale, multi-disciplinary and longitudinal studies focused on the following key areas:

  • how autism presents in children and how this understanding can support early identification and diagnosis
  • types of intervention or therapy that may work best to support the development of children with or at increased likelihood of autism and other developmental conditions, from birth and through the early childhood years
  • outcomes for interventions delivered pre-diagnosis (pre-emptively) for children at risk of developing autism, and post-diagnosis for children with autism, over the short, medium and longer-term
  • how technology-based approaches may support early identification and diagnosis

Early childhood autism, and indeed autism across the lifespan, involves significant family support. Understanding the experience of both children and their parents/caregivers is key to our research, for a holistic picture of childhood autism, including the care that is required by and for the family. Our research also includes:

  • Understanding parent and caregiver wellbeing
  • Investigations of intervention programs that are delivered by parents and caregivers in the home, for the benefit of children and of parents/caregivers themselves.

We would like to acknowledge the shared experiences, knowledge, and time of all the families and individuals who have contributed to the research, either through participation or consultation.

Our network of collaborators and research partners include the following:

Research Collaborators:

Community and Industry Partners:

If you are interested in participating in our research or would to learn more about our work, please contact Alex Aulich,

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Trialing eye-tracking technology in ASD diagnosis, La Trobe news, August 2020

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