The eNACT Clinic

eNACT research project logoThe eNACT Clinic is part of the La Trobe Psychology Clinic and offers high quality, innovative, world-class evidence-based rehabilitation and support for cognitive and emotional difficulties following an acquired brain injury (ABI).


The services offered by the Neurorehabilitation Clinic include:

  • The VaLiANT Group: a program to help you increase your participation in valued activities following ABI.
  • Individual cognitive rehabilitation: individual sessions to assist with memory and other cognitive difficulties (e.g. attention, problem-solving) following an ABI. Services are offered in-person or via telehealth (Zoom videoconferencing). NOTE: Access to this service is currently limited due to the suspension of the La Trobe Master of Clinical Neuropsychology training program (there are therefore no neuropsychology students currently on placement in the La Trobe Psychology Clinic)
  • Individual psychological therapy: individual sessions providing support with depression, anxiety and/or emotional adjustment following an ABI. Services are offered in-person or via telehealth (Zoom video conferencing). NOTE: Access to this service is currently limited.

Assessment and service approach

All services offered by the eNACT Clinic offer you an individualised, tailored approach to rehabilitation.

We will start by conducting an assessment to help us understand:

  • who you are
  • what issues with cognitive function and/or emotional adjustment you are facing
  • what your goals are for treatment.

We will then design a rehabilitation program targeted to help you work towards your goals. Our rehabilitation programs use practical, effective strategies and techniques that are supported by research evidence. We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments we offer.

Our clinicians

Senior psychologists

Dr Dana Wong is an experienced Clinical Neuropsychologist and Associate Professor specialising in the assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive and emotional difficulties associated with brain injury and illness. Dana coordinates the eNACT Clinic and leads the research activities within the clinic conducted by the eNACT research group.

Dr Eric Morris is an experienced Clinical Psychologist specialising in:

  • psychological therapies for emotional disorders and complex mental health problems
  • family interventions and caregiving
  • functional analysis of challenging behaviours.

Eric provides input to the VaLiANT group.

Provisional psychologists

The eNACT Clinic’s services are delivered by provisional psychologists who have had at least five-six years of training in psychology and are currently completing postgraduate training in Clinical Neuropsychology or Clinical Psychology. These provisional psychologists are closely supervised by Dr Dana Wong.


The eNACT Clinic is committed to low-cost psychology services.

The cost for individual and group sessions follows the same structure as other La Trobe Psychology Clinic services.

Research participants of the VaLiANT group can attend for free.

How to make a referral

To find out more or make a referral to the eNACT Clinic, please email Dr Dana Wong or call the eNACT group on (03) 9479 1679.

Clinical research projects

As a client of the eNACT Clinic, you may be invited to take part in one of the research projects currently running. If we think you are suitable for a research project, this would be explained to you and your participation is optional. Your participation may mean you can access one of the services we offer for free.

You are still able to access all clinical services offered by the eNACT Clinic if you decide not to participate in a research project.