LaTCH Memory Group Program

A group program to help improve your use of memory and train you in strategies for dealing with everyday memory problems.

This successful program has been developed by a team of researchers from La Trobe University and Caulfield Hospital (LaTCH) and involves a six week course, run by trained group leaders, for two hours a week. Topics covered include:

  • Latest findings on ageing and memory
  • Common memory changes with age
  • Practical strategies for dealing with everyday memory problems
  • Remembering names
  • Finding words
  • Keeping track of belongings

Who can participate?

People aged 60 years or over without a diagnosis of dementia.

What else does it involve?

To help evaluate the program, you will be asked to complete some brief memory tasks and questionnaires before and after attending the group. These will be conducted by provisionally-registered psychologists, providing them with valuable experience in working with older adults as part of their training.


The group program costs $60 (equates to $10 per session).