Back on Track Group

Imagine how different life could be, if you could get past self-doubt, fear, embarrassment and self-criticism.

For many of us, our daily struggle with these experiences comes at a personal cost: taking fewer chances, being disconnected from others, not doing the things that matter to us. 

A new psychological approach, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), suggests that we don't need to change or fix uncomfortable thoughts and emotions before being able to take meaningful action towards valued life directions. ACT helps people learn skills to let go of struggles with feelings, be more mindful, gain clarity on what really matters, and commit to living full, satisfying lives.

ACT is an evidence-based set of psychological skills that can help people with many different struggles, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, procrastination, perfectionism, stress and burnout.

What does it involve?

Six group meetings (2 hours each), which will teach you how to:  

  • Develop skills in mindfulness (noticing, flexible attention, willingness) 
  • Understand how we get caught up by our fears or problems, so that we avoid certain activities or do unhelpful things to cope  
  • Connect to your personal values to guide your future actions
  • Develop psychological flexibility skills to more openly experience feelings and thoughts that arise from daily life, with greater self-awareness and clarity
  • Progressively approach activities that you've found challenging to achieve your goals

You will also receive self-help materials to use between meetings and individual coaching from a provisionally-registered psychologist in approaching problem situations and applying these skills.


Standard group cost is $60, with a reduced rate of $30 for students and healthcare card holders.