Child behaviour clinic

One in every seven Australian children suffers from behaviour problems, like hitting, kicking and having tantrums, or emotional difficulties, such as fears, anxiety, sadness and depression.

Improve Your Child's Wellbeing

Raising a child can be a difficult task. But raising a child with significant behaviour or emotional problems, including aggression, major temper tantrums, separation anxiety, or depression, can be overwhelming.

Early identification and treatment of challenging child behaviours helps prevent more serious issues from developing.

The Child Behaviour Clinic provides treatment strategies to help parents improve their child's wellbeing and behaviour, and improve families' quality of life. The clinic offers specialist Clinical Psychology services to help you understand your children, from toddlerhood to adolescence.

Child/Adolescent assistance

  • Behavioural and emotional problems
  • Parent/child relationship
  • Learning, educational and neuropsychology assessments
  • Bullying at school
  • Learning Disabilities
  • School adjustment problems