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The Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy offers students a broad range of innovative, high quality education across our discipline areas, with a strong commitment to social justice and interdisciplinary enquiry.

Bachelor of International Relations

Go beyond theory by identifying solutions to global challenges.

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Gain an in-depth understanding of how society is structured and how it functions.

Master of International Development

Encouraging thoughtful and reflexive practitioners, analysts and policymakers

Master of International Relations

Prepare for a career in international diplomacy, foreign policy, governance, industry affairs, and development.

Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies

Study the ways identity shapes and is shaped by politics, society, culture, knowledge and power. Explore relationships between gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, disability, age and nation and identity. Develop skills in analysis, critical thinking, writing and interpreting data.

Our research in Cultural Studies and Studies in Human Society ranks La Trobe ‘at world standard’ (Excellence in Research for Australia).

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International Development

La Trobe offers an active intellectual and practical environment to study international development in building a new generation of practitioners, analysts and policymakers. We encourage students to analyse the complexities of international development, understand the processes, policy and practice of field interventions, and advise and manage real-world organisations.

Our program features close interaction with leading development experts teaching into our subjects who have worked with key development organisations, cultivating best practice via an interactive case‑study approach.  Our strong industry engagement and partnership with local and international NGOs, multilateral organisations and consulting firms bridges the gap between development theory and practice.

Students enrolling full-time in the Master of International Development are eligible for Austudy or Youth Allowance. Visit the Centrelink website for further information. As a La Trobe graduate you may be eligible for our 10% Alumni Advantage when you apply for a full-fee postgraduate coursework program.

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International Relations

Relationships between governments determine wars, trade, travel and sharing of knowledge - as well as a host of other matters critical to 21st century life. Understanding international relations is critical to anyone who is keen to excel in an international environment. La Trobe offers one of the leading international relations programs in Australia, drawing on the experience of expert staff who are all experienced in international policy development.

International relations qualifications can lead to careers in government, international organisations or government relations and policy roles in the corporate sector.

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Philosophy studies key questions about the nature of reality and knowledge and how we should live in the world. Explore issues such as the causes and nature of things, the principles governing existence, the material universe and human behaviour. Develop critical and clear thinking, analytic skills, communication, problem solving and an appreciation of different points of view.

La Trobe ranks 5th in Australia and in the top 100 in the world for our Philosophy subjects (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019). La Trobe’s Philosophy and Philosophy & Religious Studies research is ranked ‘at world standard’ (Excellence in Research for Australia).

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La Trobe University is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading centres for the study of politics and international relations. Our academics are actively shaping public discussion and debate on political issues both domestically and internationally, and are regularly quoted in the media. In the classroom, we pride ourselves in not only engaging our students but also challenging them to think in new ways.

We rank 9th in Australia and in the top 200 in the world for our Politics & International Studies subjects (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019). Our Political Science research ranks first equal in Victoria and ‘above world standard’ (Excellence in Research for Australia).

Politics is about how societies are organised and governed, and how this process can lead to both cooperation and conflict. It is ultimately about the distribution of power and resources, deciding who get what, when and how. But politics is also about expressing our identities and beliefs, articulating how we believe society should be organised and why.

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Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Most of the big challenges and opportunities that face the contemporary world have a strong political, philosophical and economic dimension. Become a leader, adviser or analyst who can offer a well-founded perspective on how best to understand and respond to the big issues of our age.

You'll develop a broad and sophisticated knowledge base that will allow you to analyse policy debates and societal challenges and opportunities. You will develop particular strengths in being able to understand debates in, and interrelationships across, politics, philosophy and economics (PPE).

First established at Oxford University in the 1920s, PPE degrees have an impressive record in producing some of the world's leading decision makers and opinion shapers. La Trobe’s PPE degree is Australia's most established PPE degree. We have developed a flexible degree that develops your knowledge of each PPE discipline and also equips you with the skills to apply this knowledge to analyse real-world problems.

We've designed the curriculum in collaboration with industry leaders and professional bodies so as to maximise the level of social relevance and innovation. You'll learn from a team of experienced and passionate academics.

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