Trump: withdrawing troops from Syria

Plans to withdraw troops in Syria paves way for great destabilisation

Melting Opportunities

The third issue of the La Trobe Asia Brief explores the impact of climate and conflict on the Himalaya

Australia's limited leverage in Iran

There is little room for quiet diplomacy with Iran as pressure mounts

Indonesian women coordinate gender activism online

Indonesia is starting to take notice of women's rights and gender equality.

No common ground between Trump and Kim

Handshakes and symbolism are not enough for the US and North Korea

Dire reality for Hong Kong crisis

Recent protests have Hong Kong residents fearful of mainland contro

Australia-China Relations

The second issue of the La Trobe Asia Brief explores the elusive balance in Australia and China relations

Values in Australian diplomacy

Australian governments will need to hold allies and partners to their word if they want to distinguish themselves from authoritarian alternatives.

A testing friendship

The pressure is intensifying for Australia to rebuild its standing with Beijing ... which Canberra will find increasingly difficult to resist.

Finding a new China policy equilibrium

China policy must be pragmatic. The PRC and its influence and power cannot be wished away, and some kind of accommodation of Chinese interests will have to be negotiated.

Why is China annoyed with Australia?

It is unrealistic to hope that such open opposition and criticism across a wide spectrum of issues would not be hurtful towards a country.

Morrison's China Choice

With his mandate now secured, Mr Morrison has both the opportunity and obligation to show his true colours on China.

Sensibility to prevail over prejudices

It is in fact a disgrace and paranoid to concoct the conspiracy theory that China connives to threaten Australia's sovereignty and integrity.

Should Australia be involved in the South China Sea?

For Australia, the dilemma is the extent to which it is willing to accommodate China's rewriting of the maritime rules.

Facing China without our historical ally

There will be no quick and easy victory for America and its allies. Neither side has a clear advantage in a maritime war.

Netanyahu in fight of his political life

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party has been unable to form a coalition

China is Scott Morrison’s biggest test

Scott Morrison is relatively inexperienced on foreign policy

A Us-China Cold War is unlikely

But there are still repercussions of a deepening rift

US-Iran dispute threatens to escalate

Donald Trump’s language has only inflamed the tense situation

Does diplomacy still have a chance?

North Korea is firing missiles again

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