Julien: do tablets improve active learning

Title: Evaluation of a trial of tablets in a range of classroom settings for instruction: does this improve active learning and student experience

More teaching and learning is occurring in blended and fully-online contexts and students entering university today have access to and use devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets. La Trobe University’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan includes the provision of an Outstanding Student Experience that is focused on educational innovation that gives “priority to innovative learning design that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship and solution driven outcomes supported with contemporary technologies and systems support”. Tablets provide an opportunity for teachers to incorporate digital technology into student-centred classroom scenarios to enhance student experience and engagement. This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating tablets into classroom instruction (for video recording and in laboratories, workshops, lectures, asynchronous online workshops, assessment and feedback) in anatomy, microbiology and physiology disciplines from the perspective of instructors and students.

Ethics approval: HEC18093

Key investigators

  • Dr Brianna Julien (CI)
  • Dr Carolyn Bell
  • Dr Elly Djouma
  • Dr Lisa Francione
  • Dr Karla Helbig
  • Dr Deanna Horvath
  • Dr Brooke Huuskes
  • Dr Amy Larsen
  • Dr Louise Lexis
  • Dr Joon Lim
  • Dr Ross O’Shea
  • Dr Steve Petrovski
  • Dr Caroline Taylor
  • Professor Birgit Loch