Scholarship of teaching in physiology

Dr Brianna Julien and Dr Louise Lexis are actively engaged in research that investigates the impact of innovative curriculum delivery and teaching practices on student learning and preparation for post-graduate study and the workforce. 

Key projects include:

  1. LTU Radical Learning Project: Innovation Project Mobile Project: creation, implementation, and evaluation of a mobile app to support the capstone program.
  2. Development of a model of inquiry oriented learning the promotes student engagement and the development of scientific research skills and team work skills.
  3. Design and evaluation of a model to assist students to develop scientific communication skills that promotes effective communication between science professionals and a range of audiences.
  4. The effect of an advanced human physiology capstone program on students' ability to demonstrate discipline-specific research and communication skills, and student perceptions of their skill level and development.
  5. Comparison of traditional and blended-learning/enquiry-based approaches to teaching exercise physiology: are there any differences in student performance and student perceptions of their learning?