Neuropharmacology of addiction

The neuropharmacology addiction laboratory is led by Dr Elvan Djouma and is interested in the underlying mechanisms in the brain involved in drug-seeking behaviour and relapse to drugs of abuse.  

Key projects include:

  1. Exploring the therapeutic action of SNAP 37889 in the treatment of alcoholism (funded by Understanding Disease RFA in collaboration with Dr Matt Hale and Professor Andrew Lawrence, Florey Institute). 
  2. Characterising the role of the neuropeptide galanin (GAL), and the GAL receptor-3 (GALR3) in drug addiction.
  3. Characterising drug-seeking behaviour in GAL3-KO mice (in collaboration with Barbara Kofler, Salk, Austria).
  4. Methamphetamine psychosis: what happens in the brain? (in collaboration with Professor Maarten van den Buuse).