Molecular and developmental endocrinology

Current Honours/Masters projects

  • Effect of PLAG1 deficiency on cell proliferation and apoptosis in the brain (Dulani Wijethilaka)
  • Characterisation of a novel splice variant of CRHR2 in non-mammalian species (Ben Espinoza)

Current PhD projects

  • The role of PLAG1 in brain development (Jemma Gasperoni)
  • Young in mind – What is ‘embryonic’ PLAG1 doing in the adult brain? (Stephanie Tran)
  • The role of PLAG1 in male fertility – a focus on the epididymis (Joanne Wong)
  • Evolution of the CRHR2 gene (Ellyse Noy)
  • Analysing post-mortem fat content in ovine bone marrow to support a diagnosis of ante-mortem starvation (Troy Raglus)
  • Development of a scientifically valid canine temperament test based on physiological measures of arousal (Diana Rayment)