Mental wellbeing and disease

Dr Jency Thomas' research area is primarily looking at the effects of Type 2 Diabetes on memory and cognition. She is also interested in looking at the effects of antioxidants such as Omega-3 and polyphenols on memory and cognition in disease condition and in normal phase.

Current projects

Dietary intervention with Omega-3 DHA to enhance cognitive performance in Type 2 Diabetes  

This project currently involves collaborators from Royal Melbourne Hospital (endocrinology department), Swinburne University and Newcastle University. 

Masters student: Ms Andrea Bramley.

Determining the relationship between Type 2 Diabetes and mental health status in mid-aged and older Australian women: A longitudinal study over 15 years

This project currently involves collaborators from Queensland University.

Masters student: Mr Oliver Butt.

A Prospective Cohort Study on Early Cognitive Decline in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Ooti urban hospital population in India

This project currently involves an international collaboration with Department of Pharmacy and Practice, JSS College of Pharmacy, India and Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology, LaTrobe University, Australia. Jency is an external supervisor, along with Drs Colleen Thomas and Mark Jois.

PhD student:Mr. P N Narayanakutty Nair.

Human study - Analysis of quality of sleep in a community setting

Cross discipline project to begin in 2016.