Bone, Muscle and Tendon

The Bone Group led by Associate Professor Brian Grills investigates novel biological aspects associated with bone fracture healing and osteoporosis. A particular interest is the effect of the nervous system on these conditions to unearth innovative therapies to treat these disorders.

Key personnel include Drs Stuart McDonald, Tania Romano, Aaron McDonald and Mr Heath McGowan.  

Key projects include:

  1. The role of the dopaminergic system in bone and fracture healing
  2. The role of neurotrophins in bone metabolism, fracture healing and osteoporosis
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury and its effect on bone and fracture healing
  4. Investigations into understanding novel aspects of bone fracture healing and its treatment (PhD student - Rhys Brady)
  5. The effects of maternal physiological stressors and paternal line transmission on the programming of bone structure and development in growth restricted offspring (PhD student - Kristina Avneska)
  6. The influence of neurotrophins on fracture healing, bone metabolism and disease (PhD student - Maddison Johnstone)