Green - Clinical anatomy: function and rehabilitation of stabilizing muscles

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Rod GreenDr Rod Green

Associate Professor in Human Anatomy, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Muscles play a key role in stabilizing multiaxial joints such as the hip and the shoulder. The function of these muscles, particularly deeper muscles and those that have multi-directional fibre orientation is poorly understood. As a consequence, rehabilitation programs for these muscles also have limited success. Our electromyography laboratories at Bendigo and Bundoora have pioneered techniques to insert intramuscular electrodes into muscles at both the hip and shoulder to understand the role of these muscles in the human body.

More recent projects have extended this knowledge to understanding the role of these muscles in clinical populations; e.g. gluteal muscle function size and function in hip osteoarthritis. These studies are directed at the development of more targeted rehabilitation programs that will improve the quality of life for elderly populations with chronic musculoskeletal illness.

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