Al-Rawi - Heterocyclic compounds as DNA-PK, PI3K and PDE3 inhibitors for treatment of cancer

Group leader

Jasim Al-RawiDr Jasim Al-Rawi

Senior Lecturer, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our group is interested in the synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds such as DNA-PK, PI3K and PDE3 inhibitors for more effective treatment of cancer. We also use molecular modeling to explain drug receptor interactions.

There is significant interest in combination or dual kinase inhibitors in cancer drug discovery. The potential is not only to use kinase inhibition as a useful anti-cancer element itself, but also to augment existing but limited modes of cancer therapy.

DNA-PK is a prominent target as a potential combination therapy with existing anti-cancer drugs, such as etoposide and doxorubicin. The concept of dual DNA-PK PI3K inhibitors has been established in work done previously at Kudos (a company that was bought by Astra Zeneca in 2006 for $210 million). We seek to develop compounds with a similar activity profile but improved therapeutic properties.

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