Angove - Colloid, environmental and pharmaceutical science

Our group use colloid chemistry to research environmental and agricultural soil systems. We also study pharmaceutical products that utilise colloidal particles and systems.

Hogarth – Vitamin A regulation of male reproduction

Our group uses biochemical- and cell biology-based techniques to investigate how vitamin A controls the development and maturation of sperm.

Irving – Inflammation

Our group studies the molecular interactions in signal transduction networks regulating inflammation.

Keightley – Myeloid development and disease

Our group uses zebrafish models to discover and understand molecular pathways in blood cell development and disease.

Kettle - Autonomic and central nervous system regulation of metabolism

Our group examines the neurobiology and neurochemistry that underlies the physiology of metabolism.

O’Toole – Microbiology, molecular epidemiology

Our research group applies genomics for tracking the origin and spread of infectious diseases.

Tucci - Bacteriophage as alternatives to antibiotics, pharmacogenomics and pharmacy practice

Our group studies the use of bacteriophage as alternatives to antibiotics. We also examine the personalization of medicine to fit a patient’s genetic profile, and patient management of medication in the treatment of chronic disease.

Van Dyke – Applied animal physiology

Our group studies animal models to discover novel mechanisms underlying reproductive, developmental, and immune functions.

Whelan - Biophysics, DNA damage, fluorescence, single molecule imaging

Our group develops and applies advanced fluorescence imaging techniques to visualize cells at the single molecule and nano-scale. In particular, we are working to understand DNA damage and repair.