Conference format and themes


The conference consisted of:

  • keynote presentations
  • plenary sessions
  • academic and practitioner led presentations
  • workshops
  • roundtable discussions.


Three overarching themes guided each session.

Securing Food, Water and the Environment in Peri-urban regions

Discussing the changing nature of land use and challenges to food and water security.


Agricultural production, wine production, greenbelts, land use planning, peri-urban landscapes (multi-functional, amenity, agricultural), urban forests, water supply and demand, peak oil, climate change, biodiversity, bushfires.

Providing for Community Change in Peri-urban regions

Discussing population change and community formation 


Population movement, sustainable urban development, healthy communities, transport, commuting and dispersed work patterns, lifestylers and retirees sustainable infrastructure and development economics 

Peri-Urban Policy and Governance in Peri-urban regions 

Discussing policy responses and governance arrangements 


Cross sectoral decision-making,  growth management, service provision (education, health, welfare)