About the conference

 Australia’s first peri-urban conference was held at La Trobe University, Melbourne on October 1st and 2nd 2013. The conference was co-hosted by the Community Planning and Development Program, La Trobe University, and the School of Global, Urban And Social Studies, RMIT University.

It examined the major issues that are emerging in settlements beyond the city’s edge and how communities, government and other service providers are responding to challenges and opportunities in these rapidly changing landscapes.

Focus and purpose 

Beyond the Edge focused on issues that relate to the expansion of non-urban and urban-fringe areas - influenced by the growth of metropolitan areas and large cities - and built upon a wide range of themes.

The purpose of this conference was to capture national attention and bring together international, national, metropolitan and regional perspectives on this increasingly important research, policy and practice agenda.

What are peri-urban areas?

Peri-urban areas are largely defined as the areas that surround our metropolitan areas and cities.

Conference format and themes

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Conference speakers

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Beyond the Edge is the first event of its kind in Australia to specifically address the complex nature of peri-urban areas. It brought together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around Australia and overseas.

Professionals from all sectors were invited to share and discuss the issues of critical importance to the future livability, planning and prosperity of peri-urban areas - now and in the future.