Our Melbourne-based mathematics workshops have been developed by La Trobe mathematicians to showcase:

  • how mathematics is used in vital research
  • how mathematics relates to everyday life
  • mathematics as a bridge between abstract problems and real world solutions
  • how to use mathematics to think outside the square

Our programs are fully aligned with the Victorian and National Curriculum. For those unable to attend our Melbourne workshop, our workshops are presented to regional schools during our annual regional roadshow.

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Middle years

The beauty of mathematics

Curriculum; Years 9 and 10, Mathematics

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $10 per student

Class capacity: 25 students

Location: Melbourne

Mathematics is an abstract science. It’s as old as humanity, as complex as humanity’s oldest problems, and as simple as its most ingenious solutions. It embodies definitions, concepts, methods and patterns, and like most other scientific disciplines, it offers a practical bridge between abstract theory and real world solutions.

In this workshop students explore the algorithms, logic and mysteries of Mathematics, how to think outside the square, and how to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Made by maths - self-guided walk

Curriculum; Years 7–10, Mathematics

Location and dates: Melbourne, by arrangement, through the made by maths booking system

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: Free

Class capacity: 25 students

La Trobe University’s Melbourne Campus is home to the third walk in the ‘Made by Maths’ app of The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV).

The walk, which takes in buildings and sculptures, includes ‘things to do’ to earn trophies within the app, and is suitable for Australian Curriculum levels 7–10. Students will need to bring their own device (tablet, smart phone), so they can access the app, take videos and photos, and record their answers to open and multiple choice questions.

Curriculum; Years 9 and 10, Mathematics

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $10 per student

Class capacity: 25 students

Location: Melbourne

  • Hosted by Dr Marcel Jackson, Associate Professor in Mathematics, from Rhythm in the Numbers, La Trobe University’s Big Fat Ideas.

In this workshop students investigate the mathematics of rhythm via a journey through:

  • music genres such as,
    • classical
    • rock
    • metal
    • alternative
    • rap
    • goth
    • world
    • folk
  • calendars
  • unending chess
  • neutron accelerators
  • origami.

In addition to participating in a lot of rhythmic tapping and clapping, students engage in mathematical exercises involving basic geometry and number theory, which arise naturally with a new understanding of the structure of rhythms in music and other fields. They do the maths, tap out the rhythms, and acquire a new perspective on mathematics and an informed musical understanding of some of the patterns arising naturally in geometry and number theory.

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