Health Sciences

An appreciation of community health issues and the essential requirements of most nursing and midwifery practices are fundamental components of any future career in the caring professions.

The knowledge gained by students within our health sciences workshops will allow them to gain:

  • experience with lab equipment
  • experience within a simulated hospital environment
  • critical thinking

They are also instructive elements in general for dealing with many social and community health issues, which is reflected in the focus of Years 9 and 10 General Science and Health units and the VCE Health and Human Development Units.

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Middle years

Nursing and midwifery

Curriculum: Year 9 and 10, General Science, Health

Dates and locations:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $20 per student

Class capacity: 20 students

This workshop immerses students in a safe, simulated hospital environment, introducing patients – usually life-sized mannequins that mimic patient behaviour, or actors standing in as patients – and an opportunity to practice nursing and midwifery.

Working with high-tech Human Patient Simulators, students learn:

  • how to assess a patient’s health
  • how to check and monitor patient safety
  • to listen with a stethoscope (to simulated heart, lung and abdominal sounds in both healthy and health-compromised patients)

Using ultra-violet light technology, they discover the dangers of (simulated) micro-organisms to patient health and how to save lives with simple hygiene practices. Students also perform safe Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a Human Patient Simulator that provides real-time feedback and calculates overall CPR performance.


Social determinants of health - community issues

Curriculum: VCE Year 11, VCE Health and Human Development Unit 2

Dates and locations:

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost: $25 per student

Class capacity:

  • Mildura- 36 students
  • Bendigo - 20 students

Vaccination, alcohol and obesity are three issues that have a huge impact on human health and development. Tailored towards Health and Human Development VCE Unit 2, this workshop investigates the impact of these issues on child and adult health.

Practical activities deliver new insights into the relationship between individual, society and community health.

This workshop encourages students to develop their collaborative and critical thinking skills.

The learning involved also lays the foundations for HHD Units 3 and 4, highlighting the impact of social determinants on community health, a common theme in Allied Health undergraduate courses.

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