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We challenge your perspective

We challenge your perspective

Outreach inspires high school students with university-level science, labs and equipment.

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All SHE Outreach on-campus workshops and events have been cancelled for term 3.

In the context of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our partner schools, therefore all Outreach bookings have been cancelled for term 3. Cancellation fees will be waived for these workshops.

This notice will be updated as changes to our program occur and schools with events booked will be notified via email.

The Outreach team has moved to online delivery for some of our most popular programs. Please contact us to book for the following workshops:

Available now

  • VCE Biology Unit 2 - Heredity and patterns of inheritance
  • VCE Biology Unit 3 - Flu attack - immunity fights back
  • VCE Biology Unit 2 - Genetics of phenylketonuria
  • VCE Chemistry Unit 4 - Chemical analysis by spectrometry
  • VCE Chemistry Unit 3 - Introduction to chemical processes
  • VCE Chemistry Unit 2 - Instrumental analysis of water-soluble compounds
  • VCE Physics Unit 3 - Transmission of electrical power
  • VCE Physics Unit 1 - FarLabs radioactivity
  • VCE Physics Unit 4 - FarLabs photoelectric effect
  • Years 7-8 maths, general science and engineering studies - Engineer your escape
  • Years 9-10 computer science - Create your own app
  • Years 9-10 general science/biology - Forensic frenzy
  • VCE Applied computing Unit 2 - Connectivity in a high tech world
  • VCE Applied computing Unit 3 - Thinking in code

Coming soon

  • VCE Chemistry Unit 2 and Unit 4 - Chemical analysis by chromatography
  • Years 9-10 extension biology - Disease and diagnosis
  • Years 9-10 general science and psychology - Colour and optical illusions

If you would like to discuss future programs with the SHE Outreach Program please contact us directly on or by phone on 61 3 9479 8922.

For the latest updates, see Novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The science of life and living organisms


The study of matter and how things work

Computer Science

Designing, coding and managing computer systems


Problem-solving by design and technology

Health Sciences

Social issues, community health and nursing


A practical bridge to real world solutions


Observing the properties of matter


The mind, the brain and human behaviour

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