The ASSC outreach program aims to deliver a suite of activities that increase student capabilities, build self-confidence and raise awareness of career opportunities upon completion of a university degree.

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Middle school students

For students in the middle years, activities aim to:

  • Foster a sense of excitement and interest in ASSC-related disciplines
  • Extend skills and knowledge
  • Support and enrich school curriculum
  • Highlight career opportunities post university study
  • Utilise the University’s expertise and resources

Making the News

Curriculum: Year 10 Media Studies

Dates: February, June & November

Duration: 4.5 hours

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus

In this workshop, students use La Trobe University’s Mac computer laboratories, video and audio edit suites and the multi-camera television studio to learn the craft of television production.

Working in teams students develop film and television production skills by writing, filming, editing and producing original story packages before selections are included in a live recording of a news broadcast. Technical staff work alongside the students to assist them as they take on the role of presenters, camera operators, audio operators, vision switchers and more.


New to 2018

Curriculum: Year 9 English and Media students

Dates: 2018 dates to be announced

Duration: 3.5 hours

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) and regional campus (TBC)

Audience: Melbourne metropolitan and regionally remote secondary schools

This hands-on workshop focuses on the process of media production. Students learn how producers and directors use symbolism to display hidden messages and express ideas to audiences.

Working with video cameras, students gain practical experience by planning, directing, producing and acting in their own silent short film by using symbolism to express their ideas without dialogue or sound.

VCE Students

For students in the senior years, activities:

  • Build proficiency, knowledge and skills
  • Extend capabilities in order to raise attainment and build self confidence
  • Link to VCE Study Designs
  • Raise awareness of higher education courses and career opportunities


Curriculum: Year 11 Media Studies

Dates: February, June & October

Duration: 4.5 hours

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus

Students discover the world of filmmaking and the importance of continuity in this hands-on workshop for media studies. Students are guided through the three stages of production while producing their own short sequence film using digital video cameras and Premiere Pro.

Students also learn the theory behind the production of a continuity sequence - one of the building blocks of videography and cinematic storytelling.

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