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Secondary School Mooting Competition

Congratulations to Haileybury for winning the La Trobe University School Moot 2019.

The finals were held at the Federal Court between the top 4 school teams (in alphabetical order):

  • Haileybury (FIRST PLACE)
  • Ivanhoe Grammar
  • St Aloysius College (SECOND PLACE)
  • St Helena Secondary College

The 10 top ranked teams after the 4 finalists (in alphabetical order) were:

  • Brentwood Secondary College
  • Brunswick Secondary College
  • Caulfield Grammar 1
  • Haileybury 1
  • Ivanhoe Grammar 1
  • Lalor Secondary College 2
  • St Monicas College 1
  • St Monicas College 2
  • St Helena Secondary College 2
  • Trinity Grammar

Impressive speakers in the rounds were:

  • April Thomason (St Helena Secondary College)
  • Brian Choi (Brentwood Secondary College)
  • Caitlin Daly (Ivanhoe Grammar)
  • Desmond Chau (Haileybury)
  • Duru Saka (Ivanhoe Grammar)
  • Edmund Ha (Reservoir Secondary College)
  • Edward Spink (Trinity Grammar)
  • Gabrielle Azzopardi (St Aloysius College)
  • Greta Linehan (St Aloysius College)
  • Isabella Harding (Brunswick Secondary College)
  • Jessie Weisheit (St Helena Secondary College)
  • Jocelyn Na (Haileybury)
  • Keira Jebb (Doncaster Secondary College)
  • Lincoln Rayner (Caulfield Grammar)
  • Maddison Penson (St Helena Secondary College)
  • Miliarne Enes (St Monica’s College)
  • Mitchell Cassidy (Marcellin College)
  • Nour Maqsoudi (Lalor Secondary College)
  • Patrick Levery (Marcellin College)
  • Reah Shetty (Haileybury)
  • Rowan Kilpatrick (Melbourne Grammar)
  • Salam Attic (St Monica’s College)
  • Sarah Moad (Ivanhoe Grammar)
  • Seniru Mudannayeke (Haileybury)
  • Stiffany Lam (Springside Secondary College)

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