Your student experience

Field trips are a key learning experience for our Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education students. Just one of these opportunities is a kayaking trip down the Mitta Mitta River – a tributary of the Murray.

Exploring a rich environment

The experience at Mitta Mitta is much more than a camping trip. Over eight days, students make their way downstream learning how to navigate kayaks, recognise characteristics of the river environment, and work together.

'Sharing those learning opportunities in that environment is pretty unique really,' says course coordinator Dr Marcus Morse. 'It's a good chance to explore the physical and ecological side of the river, but also the cultural and historical side.'

Sharing a unique experience

Along with developing their kayaking and navigation skills, the students are also building strong connections with their classmates. ‘I met my best friends through this course,’ says Maddie Ovens, who landed a job as a Marine Ranger with Parks Victoria after graduating. ‘It was challenging living in such close quarters and spending time on trips with the same people at times, but this was also the most enjoyable part of it.’

Finding a balance with nature

The Mitta Mitta field trip is just one of the experiences our Outdoor and Environmental Education students have as they go through their degree, but it certainly makes an impression. ‘I learnt I can live pretty simply and can be quite resilient in situations that were challenging or uncomfortable,' says Maddie, adding: ‘This is a course for people who are interested in the world and our place in it.’