Career ready

Graduates from our outdoor and environmental education courses are sought by Australian and international employers. They teach outdoor and environmental programs in leading private and government schools, as well as in disadvantaged communities throughout Australia.

After working in the field and further study, our graduates can often be found in careers such as fire-fighting, remote rescue and wildlife research.

Careers in Outdoor Education

  • Classroom teaching (on completion of a Graduate Diploma in Education).
  • Teaching in school based programs
  • Instructor in outdoor or environmental education centres
  • Freelance outdoor instructors

Careers in Outdoor Environmental Education

  • Classroom teaching (on completion of a Grad. Dip. Education).
  • School camp and environment centre teaching or instructing
  • Environmental interpretation in national parks and other settings
  • Environmental interpretation for tourism operations

Careers in Outdoor Recreation Education

  • School camp and environmental centre teaching or instructing
  • Outdoor instructors in the outdoor recreation industry
  • Leaders or instructors in the adventure travel industry

Careers in Natural Resource Education and Nature Tourism

  • Land and natural resources management
  • Ranger or education officer in national parks
  • Environmental interpretation for government or corporate sector
  • Community education for sustainability and ecology
  • Environmental education centres
  • Guide in private nature tourism operations
  • Operator of small business in nature tourism
  • Ranger or education officer in national parks