Improving the lives of those with Parkinson's

Early detection of Parkinson's

Early detection means earlier treatment. Learn how La Trobe leads the way.

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Parkinson’s is a neurological disease impacting the lives of thousands of Australians. Although common, Parkinson’s has traditionally been difficult to diagnose, and sometimes it takes years before treatment begins.

At La Trobe, Professor Paul Fisher and his team of scientists have made a breakthrough. While researching mutant genes, they found a way to detect Parkinson’s in a blood sample. This breakthrough could close the gap between diagnosis and future treatment.

Meet our researchers, and read about people with Parkinson’s who have led inspirational lives.

Five inspirational people with Parkinson's

Parkinson’s hasn’t stopped these people leading full and productive lives.

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Positive steps

People with Parkinson's benefit from dance therapy.

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Inspired by our research?

Discover why we’re top-ranked for microbiology research.

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