Research hubs

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC)

OTARC is Australia's first centre dedicated to research on Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Transforming human societies

Our research confronts some of the most pressing challenges facing human societies across our mobile, diverse and changing world, including human rights, migration, sustainable development, Indigenous issues, and rapid economic and political change.

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Understanding disease

The research undertaken by members of this research focus area ranges from understanding the molecular basis of disease through to translational research, with the overarching aim of getting basic research findings into the clinic and the field

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La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS)

LIMS is committed to solving global problems and improving the welfare of human societies.

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Dietetics and human nutrition

The Dietetics and human nutrition researchers focus on obesity and metabolic health, food and culture, malnutrition and specific clinical disorders and food and performance.

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AgriBio is a world-class facility for agricultural biosciences research and development, creating better science outcomes for the benefit of Victoria and Australia.

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Centre for Sport and Social Impact

The Centre for Sport and Social Impact strives to influence the future of sport management practices and policy and their impact on society

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Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology

The Department's research interests are aligned with two of the University's Research Focus Areas, Understanding Disease and Securing Food, Securing Food, Water and the Environment.

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Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution unites scientists working across ecology, evolution, biodiversity, botany, zoology and environmental science to expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge with research grounded in empirical enquiry.

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Living with Disability Research Centre (LIDS)

LIDS aims to promote the social participation and inclusion of people living with disability.

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Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems (CFE)

The Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems delivers world-leading research focused on healthy freshwater ecosystems. Our research covers a range of themes and provides critical knowledge that supports the sustainable management of these important ecosystems.

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Department of Rural Nursing and Midwifery

The Department has a strong interest in working with communities to improve the health, social care and wellbeing of people in rural and regional areas.

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Department of Education

The Department of Education aims to empower professionals so that they are ready to contribute to transforming learning by engaging in local cultures of education.

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