What we're working on

Securing the future of food

Securing the future of food

Our research creates solutions by cultivating plants that need less phosphate.

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Improving the lives of those with cancer

We're improving quality of life for cancer patients worldwide.

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Helping those with autism thrive

We’re working on early detection of autism, helping children achieve their full potential.

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Peace. Long after civil war ends

We're researching conflict resolution and showing the world new ways to keep the peace.

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We're helping reduce fertiliser dependency

A team of researchers at La Trobe's Centre for AgriBioscience are re-engineering the DNA of 'lazy' plants to make them hardier and able to grow with less phosphate.

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Preserving Australia's aboriginal heritage

We're developing new methods of tracing the artefacts of the oldest civilisation on earth.

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Standing up for Pacific Islanders

Focusing on the important contribution Pacific Islanders make in rural Australia.

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Revolutionising the learning environment

We're creating new ways to teach kids in open-plan environments.

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More research

Every day, we're exploring new and innovative ways to make a difference.

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