Success in adolescence and adulthood

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While we know quite a lot about young children with autism, much less is known about older children and adults. We do know, however, that many young people with autism do not go on to tertiary education or apprenticeships after they graduate from school, and many adults with autism do not find work or work only intermittently. We know little of why this is and the factors that would assist young people and adults to complete further education and find and retain a fulfilling job.

Current Studies

  1. Longitudinal Study of Australian School Leavers with Autism.
    Researchers: Amanda Richdale, Ru Ying Cai, Mirko Uljarević, Lauren Lawson, Rebecca Flower, Alex Haschek & Melanie Muniandy,
    Torbjorn Falkmer (Curtin University), Nick Lennox (The University of Queensland; 2014-2017), Julian Trollor (University of New South Wales), David Harley (University of Queensland; 2017-2021).
    Funding: Autism CRC
  2. Australian longitudinal Study of Adults with Autism.
    Julian Troller (The University of New South Wales), Nick Lennox (The University of Queensland), Torbjorn Falkmer (Curtin University), Amanda Richdale, Mirko Uljarevic, Lauren Lawson, Rebecca Flower
    Funding: Autism CRC
  3. Tools, strategies and techniques developed to improve the health and wellbeing for adults on the autism spectrum.
    Nick Lennox (University of Queensland), Julian Troller (University of New South Wales), Torbjorn Falkmer (Curtin University), David Harley, Amanda Richdale, Mirko Uljarevic
    Funding: Autism CRC
  4. Emotion regulation in school leavers with Autism and its relationship with post-school outcomes.
    Researchers: Ru Ying Cai, Amanda Richdale, Mirko Uljarevic & Cheryl Dissanayake

    Funding: Autism CRC
  5. Hiring people with Autism: Examining the impact on the person and their workplace.
    Researchers: Darren Hedley, Rebecca Flower
    , Jennifer Spoor, Tim Bartram & Cheryl Dissanayake
    Funding: La Trobe University School of Psychology and Public Health Engagement Income Growth Grants Scheme, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  6. Coping and resilience in autistic adults.
    Researchers: Melanie Muniandy, Amanda Richdale, Lauren Lawson

    Funding: Autism CRC
  7. Validation of a new workplace social skills assessment for adults
    Researchers: Simon Bury, Darren Hedley, Shelley White
    (honours student)
    Funding: La Trobe University
  8. #TakeTheMaskOff: Autistic Performativity and the Neurodiversity Movement
    Researchers: Cheryl Dissanayake, Elisabeth Radulski
  9. ASD and palliative care
    Researchers: Cheryl Dissanayake, Jennifer Lowe
  10. The Lab: Establishing an understanding of the operation of a technology club for autistic teens.
    Researchers: Rebecca Flower, Amanda Richdale, & Cheryl Dissanayake.

    Funding: a Trobe University School of Psychology and Public Health – Income Growth Grant Scheme