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Related conditions

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Sleep difficulties and anxiety commonly occur in children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and they can negatively affect children's learning and behaviour and have a negative impact on family wellbeing. In adults these conditions impact on their everyday functioning in the community and work place. In our research projects we aim to develop a better understanding of these conditions, which ultimately will contribute to the development of better treatment methods both in Australia and in other cultures.

Current studies

  1. Serotonergic systems, anxiety and insomnia in a mouse model of Autism.
    Matthew Hale (School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University), John Lesku (School of Life Sciences, La Trobe University), Amanda Richdale, Stephen Kent (School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University), Cheryl Dissanayake
  2. Cognitive profiles associated with STEM occupations in ASD: Characterising the ‘autism advantage’.
    Researchers: Eva Laurent, Amanda Richdale, Darren Hedley

    Funding: School of Psychology and Public Health
  3. Relationship between intellectual ability, anxiety and sleep problems in adults on the autism spectrum.
    Researchers: Amanda Richdale & Pura Ballester Navarro
  4. Intervention for insomnia in adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
    Researchers: Amanda Richdale, Eric Morris, Lauren Lawson
    Funding: Building Healthy Communities RFA grant
  5. Psychological Inflexibility & Sleep: An Investigation of Contributing Inflexibility Processes and Mediating Factors
    Researchers: Eric Morris, Amanda Richdale, Lisa Purcell (honours student)
    Funding: La Trobe University
  6. An investigation of interoceptive aAbility in adults with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Researchers: Tania Pietrzak, Amanda Richdale, Maddy Russell-Maynard (honours student)
    Funding: La Trobe University
  7. Influence of autism symptoms and transdiagnostic factors on anxiety, depression and insomnia in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Researchers: Amanda Richdale, Lauren Lawson, Alexa Jordan Chalmers