Interventions across the lifespan

Interventions Across the Lifespan

Research projects

While there is much research on early intervention practices, less is known about how best to support teachers and students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in schools and, even less, in tertiary education. Our current studies are mainly concerned with the transition experiences of students, their caregivers and teachers, as a successful transition to another stage of education may be the first step towards a successful completion.

Current studies

Transition to school for children with disabilities: parental views of the PrEPIC program

Researchers: Elizabeth Starr (PhD, University of Windsor, Canada) and David Trembath (PhD) with the support of Nicole Maher (Acting CEO, EPIC)

Study aim: The purpose of the study is to explore the expectations, experiences, and outcomes of parents whose children with an ASD participated in a pre-prep program aimed at supporting their transition to school.

The program, called PrEPIC is a one year program designed to teach the necessary social, communication and adaptive skills to children with special needs to enable successful transition to primary school. Our aim is to examine (a) parents’ expectations as they begin PrEPIC (b) the perceived outcomes and benefits of families having participated in PrEPIC (c) parents’ hopes, worries, fears, concerns and satisfaction with PrEPIC in particular and transition to school more generally and (d) parents’ perception and definition of a 'successful' transition.

Contact: Dr David Trembath