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It is now widely accepted that intervention programs for children with disabilities can be most effective if parents and other family members or caregivers are part of the ‘service delivery team’.

This can mean different things to different families and different groups of professionals. In some situations it may be sufficient if families simply agree to and facilitate the practices implemented by a professional; in others parents and caregivers may better assist the progress of their child if they are trained to implement programs at home.

Our studies are designed to shed light on what issues need to be considered in order to involve parents as partners in service delivery.

Current studies

Parents as partners in evidence-based speech pathology practice

Researchers: David Trembath (PhD), Joanne Arciuli (PhD, University of Sydney), and Teena Caithness (La Trobe University, Human Communication Sciences)

Funded by: Speech Pathology Australia Research Grant

Study aim: The aim of this study is to explore the experiences of speech pathologists working with parents in the provision of evidence-based practice to children with an ASD. We are using in-depth interviews and thematic analysis to investigate clinicians’ experiences of working with parents, their beliefs about the evidence parents want and need regarding their children’s interventions, and the barriers and facilitators to positive clinician-parent relationships in the provision of evidence-based therapy services.

The aim is to identify practical strategies for helping speech pathologists to (a) identify parents’ expectations and need for information, (b) present the evidence for the treatments they provide effectively, and (c) develop positive and collaborative partnerships with parents when selecting and implementing therapy programs.

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