Many ASD students have trouble being organised.

Student: I am really disorganised. I try to be organised but it’s this uphill impossible struggle. It’s a wharf [sic] of chaos. Everything is just so random, chaotic, and I’ll try to be organised but it’s not going to end up being organised. I’ll just try to make it not as disorganised. Trying to minimise the damage.

One of the key academic problems resulting from poor organisation is that students are unable to hand in assignments and undertake assessments on time.

Student: From a one to a ten scale for being organised, I am probably a two. I can get to class on time. But handing assignments in, I'm not that good because while everyone else has finished, I'm still struggling to even start sometimes.

Student: I'd say about six out of ten times I am able to hand in assessments on's normally I don't really plan it out ahead of time.

Some students also find it hard to judge time.

Student: For me organising myself is difficult because I don’t know how long it takes to do things. So I think it’ll take a day but ends up taking four days. And then that displaces your whole plan.

Student: No, I can't even judge time. Like ten, twenty minutes ahead of time. No. It is not possible for me.