Transition to tertiary education

Students with an ASD have typically had a lot of support from family and teachers in high school. When they move on to universities or TAFE colleges, the transition period can be extremely challenging because there may not be as much support available.

Studying at universities can be particularly difficult because they are very different from secondary schools. Find out more about the differences between university and TAFE.

Formal transition planning

Families often help their family member with an ASD prepare for university or TAFE informally, for example by taking the student to the campus to familiarise him or her with the location, or by talking about life at university or TAFE. Read more in the transition and orientation section.

To allow smoother transition to tertiary education, families may consider developing an 'action plan' for their family member with an ASD. This action plan could, for example, give precise details about any special needs of the ASD student, and make some suggestions about how these needs might be met. It is not just a description of someone's difficulties but a list of actions to be carried out in order to deal with those difficulties.

Resources for transition planning

Here are two resources that can be used to plan for your family member's transition:

This resource is from the USA, hence the rights and legislation sections of the documents are not relevant for Australia. However, the suggestions for transition planning are relevant, no matter where you and your family are located.

The following website has been developed locally:

You can also read more about your child's rights and learn about Australian legislation.